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~ Hello and welcome!

We have a few updates to share to you all.  First off, welcome to Earthbound Gamer’s NEW website.  It is still a work in progress so bare with us!  In the meantime, back to the updates…

– Posted: 01/02/2018


We decided to spruce our community up a little bit by providing several game servers to our community members as well as the public.  If you wish to see any/all of the servers available, please click THIS link, or find the link above named “Servers” for more information.

The Servers page is updated regularly to include current or future changes as well!

– Posted: 01/03/2018

~ Impending LAN Party!

On February 10th 2018, there will be a LAN Party for anyone within the Illinois/Indiana and Southern Michigan area.  For more information, please see contact Aaron (Tazou on Discord) either on Discord, Facebook or email us at at any point before hand!

– Posted: 01/03/2018